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Are you being threatened into a forced marriage? Marriage is considered a union of two hearts and lives that are meant to commit to each other which is why you should be in love with the other person that you are getting married to! Getting into a forced marriage can make you vulnerable to a lifetime of physical and sexual abuse! If you are being threatened into a forced marriage by anyone, you have to do everything that you can to protect your rights and you can do this by getting a forced marriage protection order with the help of the best solicitors in Bradley Stoke!

Even westernized country such as UK has some traditions that they are having difficulties letting go of and one of these is forced marriages. The problem is, the usual people who force young girls to get married are the actual parents in the hopes that they can grant a life of prosperity to their child just because they chose a specific groom. Unfortunately, those who manage the forced marriages and even those who are victims of this type of arrangement usually don’t show a lot of signs of being in that situation and they end up getting mishandled by social service personnel. Over the years that the forced marriage act is enacted, there has only been one reported case for this because the forced marriage in itself is not yet considered a crime. The act of forcing someone to get married or conspiring with acts of forcing someone to get married are the only ones considered a crime which is why a lot of women get confused on what they can do to protect themselves.

If you are being threatened into a forced marriage, then you don’t have to worry because this does not have to be the end for you. You can ask help from the best solicitors in Bradley Stoke because they can assist you on how to apply for a forced marriage order so you can have yourself protected from anyone who will try to get you into a forced marriage! You don’t have to worry because you can seek consultation to know the details on what you can do. With Bevan Evemy Solicitors, you can have just that because they will help you by giving you a free initial consultation! For more information about how to get legal protection from forced marriages, visit the Bevan Evemy website today!