Do You Even Need to Hire a DUI Lawyer for Your DUI Case?

DUI arrest

One of the most common questions of individuals who get arrested for committing DUI is I they even need to hire a lawyer. This is actually a good question. Here is something that you have to understand with DUI cases. DUI cases are actually very sensitive even if it is only your first time to be arrested and you have had no previous arrests for any other crime before. But it can potentially leave a record of your name, if you do not address the DUI case with a San Diego DUI attorney. For this reason, people check out the best DUI lawyer firms in San Diego so they can properly address their impending DUI cases.

Here is something that you should know about DUI cases in San Diego: since this city is making an effort to lower the number of DUI cases, there is a big chance that you will get a SCRAM device as part of your penalty when you are found to have a BAC of 0.15 and above. For this reason, it is imperative that you should hire a highly skilled DUI attorney. If you are facing a misdemeanor DUI case, you will be able to save a lot of time because your DUI lawyer can represent you in court and you may not even have to attend your hearing. Also, your DUI lawyer can help you save a lot of money that you would normally pay in fine. Make no mistake. Courts want to ensure that the DUI case is not repeated given that it has caused a lot of casualties over the years which is why they may implement the heaviest penalties and the largest possible fines even if it is just your first time to get arrested committing such an offense. Depending on how good your DUI attorney is, you will have a higher chance of having your penalty lowered.

A good DUI attorney would already know the players in the San Diego courts and they can use this to their advantage in bargaining for a lighter sentence. This way, you may not even have to spend time in jail and you can save money at the same time too. Give yourself a break from the stress that you are experiencing because of your DUI charge. If you want to be guided on navigating through the DUI administrative process, hire a DUI lawyer today! Check out this website for more information!


4 Things You Need to Do After a Car Accident

car accident

Here are some things you need to do after a car accident:

1. Gather all the legal documents involving your accident as much as you can.

The soonest you could do this the better. Having a copy of the filed police report, medical certificates and other documents pertaining to your accident enables you to file your case in court or claim with your insurer faster. The fast you could get your insurance company notified, the faster you can process your deserved compensation. A delay in these actions could lead to missed opportunities and slow acquisition of benefits from your insurer.

2. Request assistance with a car accident lawyer immediately.

Finding a Los Angeles car accident attorney can help you understand and execute all possible legal actions to mitigate your case. This lessens some of the burden you carry during recovery and lets you focus more on other important matters. It is best to do this while you file your insurance claim. Prior to signing any early settlement with your insurance company, having the papers examined by a car accident lawyer could apprise you of any discrepancies with your benefits. This leaves you more opportunities to question the offer and gain your deserved compensation. Insurance companies will try their best to lower the benefits you will receive as these are expenses on their part. Having a car accident lawyer look up your insurance policies can get you some insights on details you might have missed.

3. Keep a car accident lawyer in your contact list.

After a car accident, threats of legal action are to be expected especially for complicated cases such as death or serious fatal injury as an example. While consulting a car accident lawyer does not necessarily mean you have to take the case in court, having them in your contacts is reassuring enough you are prepared to take on any legal action against you. This leaves you a peace of mind from legal intimidation tactics employed by any opposing camp. Fortunately, there are several excellent Los Angeles car accident attorneys reachable through their websites.

4. Do your own research.

While consulting a car accident lawyer can be a big help, doing your own research about your case and car accident laws in your state can give you better understanding as well. Consultation with a car accident lawyer might not provide you enough information to do about on your initial visit.


Are DUI Penalties Too Harsh?



There is an unnoticeable but steady decline of instances of car accidents in San Diego that are attributed to driving while under the influence of alcohol. The reduced occurrences of accidents aren’t really noticeable to the public since they don’t keep statistics and keen observations for such things. The biggest reason for this is that the San Diego Police force is simply vigilant in spotting vehicles that are suspect to drunk driving. With experience, this becomes an easy task for them since it will be fairly easy to notice slight wavy or exaggerated driving. The police pull over such cars and administer a field sobriety test to make sure. Drivers are given the benefit of the doubt by the law that even if they are unquestionably intoxicated, the test is still done. Drivers that fail the test, or refuse the test are brought to the police station. Those who refused to take the field sobriety test will then have their blood alcohol levels tested. The threshold considered too intoxicated to drive is a blood alcohol level of .08.

Charges for first offenses are relatively mild compared to subsequent offenses. Still, it’s not something to scoff at. The initial fee for driving while under the influence of alcohol is at $1000. Subsequent charges will increase the fees. Depending on the circumstances, the drunk driver may face jail time. What determines the length of jail time depend on a lot of different factors such as being actually involved in an accident, being under 21, refusal of test, and others. The DUI charge will also stay on the driver’s criminal record for ten years, barring them from a lot of job applications. And those who already have a job will lose income due to jail time and the time required for court sessions.

All these penalties sound too harsh especially from the driver’s perspective. But it is in fact, just. Drunk drivers have chosen to become inebriated even though they have prior knowledge of having to drive afterwards. They are playing not just their own lives but also of other people on the highway. Victims should refrain from arguing with drunk drivers as it is pointless. Even calling them names is immature since it doesn’t address the situation and will simply fan the flame and lead to physical altercation. The best course of action is to ask for the assistance of a DUI lawyer in San Diego so that the matter can be taken into court.