What is a Paralegal?

A paralegal is somewhat of an Attorney’s aide. Actually, he may or may not be an attorney at all because due to the very competitive job market in the country, it’s kind of difficult to be hired as an associate so some lawyers start out as paralegals before working their way to the top. I know this because I started out as a paralegal in my old firm and being a paralegal is not an easy job. It’s not even a walk in the park. It’s like walking in hot and burning charcoal with Lego blocks on top of it.

A paralegal does all of the lawyer’s dirty work like researching, creating drafts and briefs, and doing more research. Sometimes, they are even asked to do other things like get coffee, run around from law firm to firm, and even do the laundry. When I was a paralegal, I was so close to get asked to wash the senior partner’s car. But a paralegal is not some measly assistant. They have their own duties and responsibilities, majority of which are centred on assisting lawyers do their work. In the end, they get to experience what it’s like to be an associate and it helps them learn the ropes in the office. Some of the best lawyers I know started out as paralegals and there are even judges that started out as paralegals.

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